October 01, 2012

any good reviews from albeebaby.com

Just wondering if any of you have ordered any merchandise from this website. Im tempted to order 3 big items from there, but still a little worried. The prices on the site are far better than babyrus or any other site. Thanks.

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I've ordered from them with DD and had no issues. My mom is ordering my carseat from them this week.

I ordered my Baby Bjorn Travel Crib from there and had no issues. Best price by far. Quick shipping.

I ordered my bassinet from there for about $50 less than Babies R Us. Plus, you don't pay tax online. The item was PERFECT and their free shipping was FAST! I definitely reccomend them...

Thats good to hear! I just couldnt find any reviews on the site so was just a little nervous to place the order. Im planning on ordering the chicco lullaby playard, high chair, and swing..so about $300-$400 worth of stuff. Thanks for the responses.

I ordered a carseat from there a couple years ago. Much cheaper than other places, free shipping and got it quickly (as far as I remember). I definitely recommend them!

I got my last Brita seat from there, fast shipping and great prices! No issues here.

We got our cradle from there last pregnancy--no issues at all (and the price was much, much better than anywhere else). The only thing to keep in mind--if your order a carseat from a discount site, you're likely to get one that will expire a little sooner than if you buy it in store. I think it's worth it--I ordered a Britax online that was technically 9 months old, but I got a $375 seat for about $200--and it still doesn't expire for nearly 7 years!

Albee baby is great! They usually have pretty good deals on baby gear. I have nothing but good things to say about them.

My daughter's godmother buys all of her stuff from that site and as far as I know hasn't had any troubles. Its smart to look into it though. We got robbed by USAbaby when they were going bankrupt. I know that some cities still seem to have USAbaby, but buyer beware, they were owned under a collection of companies that were all having financial troubles, so I wouldn't buy anything there that you can't walk out of the store carrying - no special orders or anything you pay in advance for.

We ordered our first daughter's crib there. And when they had the recall on the crib, they were great at helping us get that sorted out.

I ordered our travel system and had no issues at all.

DD's britax marathon is from there. And we also got our double stroller from there a few months ago. Great prices! Fast shipping! No complaints.

I've ordered tons of stuff from them over the last 5 years with no problems. The double stroller I orded was out of stock in the color I picked, so they called me and gave me choices of a different color instead of cancelling the order.

I ordered DD's Britax carseat from them.. the 1st one I picked was on backorder..I called them and they switched it to another color and it was delivered within a few days, free shipping, no complaints at all! Grin I actually called back to speak with the girl that I dealt with's manager..to compliment on what a great job she did.. I was going to have to wait for a credit on my debit card to go thru to be able to place the 2nd carseat order and she did whatever she did to make it so that I didnt have to wait and the seat was shipped out the same day! :o)

Thanks everyone! I am trying to decide to order from them, as their stuff is cheaper than amazon (surprise) and no tax I hope to WA State! For some reason though they don't answer their phone - scary!

got my carseat from them.. it took forever to get the item but it arrived after around 3 weeks.

I ordered DS carseat from there a few years ago and got it for almost $100 less, free shipping and out was only two weeks old which was incredibly awesome. A few weeks ago my mom ordered a seat from there only to get it and find that it was over a year old. When she wanted to return it, they gave her a really hard time about it saying that they sell seats from 2010 still. It would be one thing if they said in the ad that the seat was from 2012, but they didn't. They said they would send ups to pick it up the next day, and they didn't. My mom ended up getting a discount on the seat, but it doesn't change the fact that they were dishonest about it in the first place and didn't seem to see what the big deal was. So while i had a good experience with them, my mom bought her seat only like the weeks ago maybe. I think i would only buy things where the date of manufacture didn't matter. But i would try to find the item somewhere else first.

We got our carseat there no prob.

We got our infant carrier/carseat for our Marchie there, plus an extra bas No issues, and way cheaper than BRU.

Do NOT order from Baby Albee. I ordered 2 items 3 weeks ago. I was told both items were in stock. After a week I recevied one of the 2 items ordered. When I called Baby Albee I was put on hold for more than 10 minutes while the operator tried to find out when the other item (car seat adaptor for Baby Jogger) would ship. I was told that it would be another week before I receive it. Another week passed and I called Baby Albee again. This time I was on hold for 13 minutes while Abby- the operator- checked on my order. She came back and told me that the problem is with Baby Jogger. That they are having shipping issues and it would be another week before I will receive the missing item. I called Baby Jogger and sure enough they are not having any shipping issues. As a matter a fact the item is in stock and can ship immediately. After being on hold with Baby Jogger, I was told that there is no order from Baby Albee in their system and they will call Baby Albee to see what is going on and why they are lying to consumers. I will never order from them again and I suggest you don't either unless you can wait over a month to recieve your order.

Baby Albee is a very dishonest company. I will never order from them again. They lie because they fail to do their job right in the first place and need to cover up.

I got a maxi cosi pria from Albee baby and it arrived within a week.

I have ordered 2 car seats from them within the last fee years. Fast shipping and no problem with expiration dates. I will order from them again for my next big purchase.

Will never order from albaby.com again. Was told days ago that my package was sent off already which was a lie and that I would be receiving it today now my tracking says it's Friday, they lied to me. I called today to see what can be done because I have a new baby and I am making arrangements around my package being here when they told me it would be here. After being put on hold AGAIN, jackass hangs up on me. They make you do a survey before you get your package that way you can't tell the truth about their lying asses.