Babies R Us vs Baby Depot (Burlington) Registry

I am planning on doing my baby registry next week and am torn between going to babies r us or baby depot. It seems like babies r us has a lot of stuff on their website that isnt available in stores. I just wonder if anyone has any pro's or con's for either of these stores. I've never done this before and could use a little help deciding. Thanks :)

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You could always register at both. The Baby Depot where I live is REALLY dumpy. No one ever registers there anymore not just because it's so filthy, but because they also never have new stuff (it's all dated). But if your Baby Depot is different and you prefer it to BRU, then go for it. They may have a better return policy then BRU.

The Baby Depot where I live didn't have what I wanted and if it did I caught myself saying," it is cheaper at Babies r us", or "I like what I saw at Babies r us better" I went before I was ready to register and looked around at both stores and decided Babies R Us has more stuff that I liked and better prices. But as pp said you could always register at both. I am registering at 2 places to give people a little option on where they want to shop.

I perosnally like BRU better because of the selection, but you can def register at both :)

Alot of items at Baby Depot are "Unregisterable" meaning that because they don't get them in on a regular basis you can't register for those items at all...I was dissappointed that several of the items I wanted there were that way...I didn't register at Babies R Us so I'm not sure about there...HTH Britni 1st LO due 1/8--Its a BOY!!

I've heard that Baby Depot has a horrible return policy, so I'd avoid it if possible. Maybe they've changed their policies since last I heard. But it's something to look in to!

Wow thanks everyone! Babies R Us it is!!

I register at multiple places, I mean, if I get more then one of something, I can return it and get something I didn't get. And that way people can go where they want, as everyone has an opinion about where they want to shop.

I dont have a baby depot where I live but my mom has a Super Baby Depot in the mall where she lives and it it awesome!!! They have soo much there that I will be getting when I take the baby home for awhile. Like other posters have said it depends on how you like the stores where you are at. I prefer SBD to BRUs personally

I registered at both. I really like BRU better but its about 30 mins away from where I live and baby depot is closer. I know a lot of people wont drive that far so I figured I'd better have something closer for them to go to.

I can honestly say I think that you should register at BRU. Baby Depot doesn't seem to have as much stock as BRU. The ones near me also seem trashy. I just love BRU. Why not do BRU and some place like Target?

Iam registuring at bby depot too for my son Love him cant waittoseee him