April 02, 2015

Child Safety Tips

While our kids and grandkids are learning to read and write, it's just as important to teach them how to be safe. Start with these simple tips to begin building the foundation of safety awareness with your child or grandchild.


Approach the subject of safety in a non-threatening way, so that your child is not fearful of dangerous people or situations, but cautious and aware.


Open communication is the key. Encourage your child to trust their intuition and to be able to tell you when something is wrong.


Make sure your child knows his or her full name, address, and phone number, where you work and how you can be contacted. Teach them how to dial 911 and use a cell phone in an emergency situation.


Inform your child of the rules pertaining to strangers. Let your child know that adults should not ask children for help nor should adults threaten children. They should never approach an unknown car or go anywhere with an adult they do not know.


Never label clothing, backpacks, or personal items with your child's name. A stranger can use this information.


Put a system in place on what to do if you and your child are separated in a public place.


Know where your child is at all times and remember to update your child's records every 6-12 months.


A child's safety is any parent or grandparent's priority. Finding better ways to protect kids or grandkids as they grow can be challenging.

A Child Safe Kit can be essential to law enforcement in the event of an emergency.