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Parents - Request a ChildSafe Kit at no cost. It could be essential in finding your child if he or she goes missing.

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"We sincerely hope you take advantage of the opportunity to make the ChildSafe Kit part of sound family protection and planning. More importantly, we sincerely hope you will never need to use it."

- Sam A. Cabral

International President of International Union of Police Association


Laura Mendes These are free kits offered that contain all the important information on your child in case they ever go missing. You kept the kit on you and never share your child's information. If you've ever seen a parent being questioned about a missing child you'll realizethat most parents don't know what their child was wearing, how tall they are, their weight, let alone other important details. these kits help release the amber alert much faster.

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Jenifer Diamond This almost became my reality today when my 2 year old went missing. Worst most horrific moment of my life. I had tunnel vision and didn't ever realize how many neighbors and cops were out searching for my son. My friends dog alerted us to where he was. I am ordering mine today. I wish no mother had to EVER go through this. So heartbreaking. I am thanking God my son was found safe.

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Maria Garcia Santoyo I remember when we we're kids we had ours and it's always a safer side becausewhen it comes to this emergency our own brain gets block and we can't even fine actual pictures and all the info at that time.

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